The Contractor Diversity program, better know as the OPP Design and Construction Division's Minority Business Enterprise and Women Business Enterprise Program (D&C MBE/WBE) is administered by the Office of Physical Plant. The University reaffirms its commitment to increase the opportunities for and participation of minority and women businesses in its procurement of goods and services related to construction for The Pennsylvania State University. The University recognizes the importance of diversity and by creating sound business relationships, seeks to strengthen the economic development and viability for minority/women businesses. Through value-added strategic initiatives, the University expects increased competition and additional opportunities.

The D&C MBE/WBE Program has instituted a variety of initiatives to identify and encourage MBEs and WBEs to participate in the University's procurement bidding process in an effort to ensure continued growth of business opportunities for those business enterprises. 

This program performs a key role by providing outreach, training, and educational programs. The D&C MBE/WBE Program forms a connecting link between the University, MBE/WBE business  community, as well as the state, local, and federal agencies.

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